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Wholesale Surveillance + Security From China
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Wholesale Surveillance Equipment: Check out these categories for everything from professional grade public security surveillance systems to small home/office usable CCTV kits.
Offering you only the best in factory-direct Security Cameras and the wireless and wired CCTV Security Camera categories, Electronicschinawholesale has been the leader in China Wholesale Electronics since 2006. Try us out and see for yourself!

Wireless Control Alarm System for Homes, Offices, Businesses (100 Wireless + 6 Wired Connections)

Price: 74.22

Double Vision Guardian - Wireless Video Door Phone with Dual Receivers (CMOS Sensor)

Price: 200.16

Realistic Solar Powered Dummy Camera

Price: 11.36

Long Range Walkie Talkie Set - 3-5 km Range, UHF, VOX, 110v

Price: 85.46

Digital Voice Recorder - Telephone Recording, FM Radio

Price: 32.61

Mini Security DVR - Micro SD Card Recording, Metal

Price: 28.09

Throat Mic Set for Walkie Talkies / 2-Way Radios

Price: 38.23

4 Channel DVR System - PAL/NTSC, H.264, Motion Detection

Price: 62.97

Dummy Security Camera - Real Looking, Motion Detector, Activation Light, Battery Operated, Panning

Price: 3.58

Solar Powered Outdoor Security Light - Motion Detection, 100 Lumen

Price: 15.29

Wireless Signal Booster and Receiver Kit - 300 Meter Range

Price: 56.40

Surveillance Camera - Dummy Dome Camera with LED

Price: 2.92

Wireless Video Door Phone with Triple Receivers 'Triple Vision Guardian' - 1/4 CMOS, Night Vision, Portable Recievers

Price: 260.88

Digital Voice Recorder - Voice Activated Recording, Metal Design, 4GB

Price: 26.99

Long Range Walkie Talkie Set - 3-5 km Range, UHF, VOX, 220v

Price: 85.46

16 Channel DVR Security System - Dual Stream, H264 DVR, 500GB

Price: 251.66

CCTV Security Camera 'BlueStrike' - Built-in DVR, 1/3 Inch CCD Lens, USB, Dual IR Array

Price: 84.34

CCTV Dome Camera - MicroSD Recording, Built-in Battery, Nightvision

Price: 65.22

Sound Sensor Solar Wall Lamp - For Outdoors, 16 LEDs, 100 Lumens

Price: 13.04

Security Video Door Phone Set - 7 Inch Monitor, Touch Button, 4x Video In

Price: 107.95

Speed Dome PTZ CCTV Security Camera 'Apex' - 1/3 Inch Sony CCD, 10x Optical Zoom, 30 IR LEDs

Price: 224.67

Endoscope Camera - USB Connection, 1.3 Megapixels, IP67 Waterproof

Price: 39.36

Key Finder Set - 4 Key-Finder Trasmitters, 4 Channel Transmitter

Price: 16.19

GSM Remote Control Power Socket - EU Power Supply, Quad Band, Up To 5 Users

Price: 62.97

Bluetooth Anti-Lost Alarm + Remote Control Camera Trigger - For Apple Devices

Price: 15.02

Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock 'Aegis' - Deadbolt, Right Handed Installation

Price: 123.69

Video Door Phone 'Triga' - 3 Monitors for 3 Separate Households, Night Vision

Price: 258.63

Wireless Wi-Fi Inspection Camera - Mobile Phone Support

Price: 104.99

Dual-Stream 8 Channel DVR Security System - H.264, Free 500GB HDD

Price: 216.57

4 Channel NVR Surveillance System - Support IP Cameras, Speed Dome Cameras + ONVIF Protocol

Price: 83.21

Long Range Walkie Talkie Set - 3 to 5 KM Range, UHF, 220V

Price: 78.71

Wireless GSM Alarm System 'Protekt' - PIR Motion Detector, Door Alarm, Wireless Siren, Door Bell

Price: 99.40

Endoscope Inspection Camera - Wi-Fi, 0.3 Megapixel, 640x480 Resolution

Price: 63.65

Touch Switch - Tempered Glass Panel, 30 Meter Range

Price: 22.04

2.4GHz Wireless Video Door Camera Set - 7 Inch Monitor, 300 Meter Range

Price: 140.09

Portable Security Box - Executive Biometric Fingerprint Safe, 120 Fingerprints

Price: 83.21

4 Channel DVR Kit 'Watch-Tower' - 7 Inch LCD Screen, 2x Outdoor Cameras, 2x Indoor Cameras, H.264

Price: 205.36

Outdoor Weatherproof CCTV Camera - 6x Array LEDs, 60 Meter Night Visibility Range, 800TVL

Price: 66.95

Security Doorstop Wedge Siren Alert - 120dB Alarm

Price: 3.37

Digital Voice and Telephone Recorder (Journalist Edition)

Price: 35.98

USB Inspection Camera - 4 LED Lights, IP67 Waterproof

Price: 37.33

Wireless Key Finder Set - 3 Key-Finders, 1 Credit Card Sized Transmitter

Price: 10.35

GSM Wireless Alarm System 'Prezerve' - Door + Window Detector, PIR, Wireless Siren, x2 Remote

Price: 104.80

Fingerprint Time Attendance System - 2.8 Inch 320x240 Display, 150000 Record Capacity

Price: 60.14

Wireless Home Security Camera System 'Securial' - 4x Indoor Wireless Cameras, 7 Inch Wireless Monitor, Built-in DVR

Price: 199.26

Mini Video Security Camera 'Dark Wolf' - Nightvision, Weatherproof, NTSC

Price: 15.52

CCTV Dome Camera - OSD Menu, 700TVL, Sony Super HAD II CCD, Motion Detection

Price: 71.97

Digital Voice and Telephone Recorder - 2GB Memory, USB Drive

Price: 30.81

Wireless Video Door Phone 'Entry Guardian' - CMOS Sensor

Price: 122.23

4 Wireless Cameras + USB DVR - 4 Channels Simultaneously Displayed, Connect Via USB, Motion Detection

Price: 157.43

Night Vision Security Camera - 1/3 Inch SONY EXview HAD CCD II, 650 TVL

Price: 62.97

Mini Weatherproof Sony CCD Camera 'Dark Predator' - 600 TVL Reolution, IR Nightvision

Price: 35.98

4 Channel HD Mini NVR 'Box-Watch' - 1080p/960p/720p, E-SATA HDD Connection, ONVIF, Cloud P2P

Price: 62.41

4 Camera + DVR Surveillance Kit - 4 Outdoor IP Cameras, H.264, 500GB, Supports Mobile Phone Browsing

Price: 231.98

4 Camera + DVR Surveillance System - 4x 1/3 SONY Color CCD 420 TVL Outdoor CCTV Cameras, H.264 Video Compression

Price: 252.15

4 Camera Surveillance System 'SecureONE III' - H.264 DVR, 500GB HDD Included, 4x Dome Cameras

Price: 242.06

Time Attendance Fingerprint System - 2.8 Inch Color Screen, LAN + USB Ports

Price: 110.33

Face Recognition Time Attendance System - 4.5 Inch HVGA TFT Display, 200000 Transaction Capacity, USB Flash Drive Download

Price: 116.95

Battery Operated Security Door Lock - Silver Zinc Metal Alloy, Anti Spy Code Encryption, 15000 Hours Battery Usage Time

Price: 52.24

Fake TV Burglar Intruder Theft Deterrent Home Security Crime Prevention Device

Price: 23.15

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