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RC Mini UFO Tricopter 'Invader' - 6-Axis Gyro, 2.4GHz Frequency, 4 Channels

Price: 49.96

Big RC Quadcopter 'Intruder' - 6 Axis Gyroscope, 100m Range, 60cm Wide, 4.5 Channel

Price: 59.92

RC Quadcopter Jet Fighter 'Air Force X' - 3-Axis, 2.4GHz Frequency, 100 Meter Range

Price: 45.93

Coating Thickness Gauge - F/NF Type, LCD Display

Price: 145.90

Digital Laser Tachometer - rps + rpm Measurment, 0.02% Accuracy, 400mm Range

Price: 18.96

Digital LUX Meter - Portable, 0.1 LUX Accuracy

Price: 30.36

LED Light Ball 'Magistrobe' - Remote Controlled, Music Activated, Plays MP3s

Price: 23.61

Solar Gadget Charger - 2600mAh Power Bank, Portable

Price: 13.49

Solar Emergency Power Charger - For Mobile Phones, Built-In 500mAh Capacity Battery

Price: 11.24

Solar Power Battery Charger - 1350mAh Power Bank, Ultra Portable

Price: 12.37

Red + Blue Laser Stage Effects Bulb - Remote Control, E27 Fixture

Price: 44.99

RC Quadcopter 'Defender' - 3 Axis Gyroscope, 100m Range, 4.5 Channel

Price: 39.90

RC Quadcopter Stealth Bomber 'B2 X-Series' - 3-Axis, 2.4GHz Frequency, 100 Meter Range

Price: 44.88

RC Customizable Car 'SDL Outdoor Challenger' - 2.4GHz Frequency, 80 to 100 Meter Range

Price: 63.99

Customizable RC Stunt Car 'SDL Transcender' - 2.4GHz Frequency, 80-100 Meter Range

Price: 63.99

RC Customizable 6-Wheeled Car 'SDL X5-Igniter' - 2.4GHz Frequency, 80 to 100 Meter Range

Price: 66.99

Hand-Held Moisture Meter - 0.0% to 54.8% Range, Over Range Indication + Backlight Features

Price: 25.86

Touch Screen Wrist Watch - 28x Red LEDs, One Key Touch Control

Price: 7.96

Touch Watch - 28x Red LEDs, One Key Touch Control

Price: 7.96

Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with Sound Velocity Measurement

Price: 96.70

Karaoke Recorder and Mixer 'HD-Hynudal' - Included Professional Microphone, 2x Microphone Ports, USB Port

Price: 42.73

RC Helicopter 'Air Max' - 2.4GHz, 4 Channels, Gyro

Price: 46.30

1000mW RGB 3D Animation Laser Projector - With DMX512 Link

Price: 321.36

Outdoor 240mW RGB Laser Projector - IP65 Waterproof Rating, Suitable For Gardens + Holiday Decorations

Price: 78.99

Laser Display System - 660mW RGB, Custom Animations via SD Card Control, DMX512 (12 channels), 128+ Patterns

Price: 266.30

Portable Micro USB Mobile Phone Charger - Solar Charger, 2200mAh

Price: 10.22

Solar Power Bank - 10000mAh, 2X USB OUT

Price: 21.36

15000mAh Portable Power Bank - Solar Panel, 2x USB Ports, Multiple Phone Adapting Tips

Price: 27.09

4500mAh Solar Portable Power Bank - 1A/2A Ouput

Price: 17.99

Solar Flashlight Radio - 4x LEDs, Power Bank Function

Price: 14.04

LED Touch Watch 'Checkers' - Leather Strap, LED Time Display (Black)

Price: 5.99

LED Touch Watch 'Chess' - Leather Strap, LED Time Display (White)

Price: 10.00

LED Touch Watch 'Revolte' - Leather Strap, Red LEDs

Price: 5.00

Universal Travel Adapter - USB Charging Port

Price: 4.50

Hand-Held Laser Distance Meter - 0.05 to 80 Meters, Distance/Area/Volumetric Measure, Timer Setup, Flip Out End Piece

Price: 64.32

Hand-Held Laser Distance Meter-Timer - 0.05 to 40 Meters, Tilt Sensor Plus/Minus 45 Degrees, Distance/Area/Volumetric Measure

Price: 46.28

Foldable Solar Power Bank - 12000mAh Lithium-ion Polymer Battery, Suitable For Laptop/Mobile Phone/Laptop/MP3/MP4/Digital Camera

Price: 75.64

Solar Power Bank - 7000mAh, 10 in 1 USB Splitter Cable

Price: 22.49

Hand-Held Digital Laser Distance Meter - With Tilt Function, 0.05 to 60 Meters

Price: 51.28

Mini 4 Channel RC Quadcopter - 2.4GHz, USB Charging

Price: 28.25

Rugged Solar Powered Charger - 5000mAh Lithium Battery, Dual USB Output, Weatherproof + Dustproof + Shockproof, LED Torch

Price: 31.49

15000mAh Solar Power Bank Charger 'PowerBuddy' - Dual USB Ports, LED Light Indication

Price: 30.36

20000mAh Solar Power Phone Charger - 3.7v, Solar Battery Bank, 2x USB Output Ports, Backup USB Charging

Price: 33.25

10000mAh Solar Power Charger - For iPhone, iPad + Other Devices, 2 USB Ports, Lithium Polymer Battery, Touch Button

Price: 24.18

Programmable Laser Light Show System 'My Effect II' - Red, Green and Purple Laser, Custom Animations

Price: 204.74

3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen - For 3D Drawing + Arts + Crafts Printing

Price: 61.99

Digital Laser Distance Measure With Tilt Function - 0.05 to 100 Meters, Distance/Area/Volumetric Measurements

Price: 89.96

High Precision Home 3D Printer 'PrecisionBot' - 40-150mm/s Printing Speed, 0.4mm Nozzle Diameter, ABS or PLA Filament, 2GB Card

Price: 685.93

RC Rattlesnake - 2.4GHz Frequency, Support Android + IOS

Price: 22.13

BrainLink Personal Brainwave Sensor - Portable Bluetooth Enabled Brainwave Sensor + Head Band

Price: 312.67

5MP Film Scanner - 2.4 Inch Display, TV Out, 32GB SD Card Support, Preview, Playback And Editing Features

Price: 50.39

EONE VC3268P Multifunction Clamp Multimeter - Temp, Phase Sequence, Frequency, 30A/300A/1000A AC Measurements + Digital LCD

Price: 50.36

EONE VC105 Digital Multimeter - 3 3/4 Count LCD Digital Display, Rechargeable Battery, Auto Power Off

Price: 47.36

Metal Detector 'Treasure Hunter' - 8.2 Inch Water Resistant Coil. LCD Display, Detects All Metals, Adjustable Stem

Price: 100.79

Portable Karaoke Player With 2 Microphones - For Phone, Tablet, TV

Price: 29.24

3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen (Blue) - For Arts + Crafts Printing, 3D Drawing + Design

Price: 61.99

WBT-1 Portable Electric Scissors - With Sharp/Blunt Cutting Head

Price: 120.73

Portable Solar Powerbank - 7800mAh Capacity, 2x USB Outputs, Lithium Polymer Battery

Price: 22.15

Portable Folding Solar Panel for Camping - Weatherproof, For Tablet + Mobile Phone Charging, 14W, 5.5V

Price: 70.46

Polycrystalline Solar Panel Power Bank - 8000mAh Capacity, USB Output

Price: 20.92

Army Style Camouflage Folding Solar Panel for Outdoors - Weatherproof, USB Charging Plug, 7W, 5.5V

Price: 45.30

Polycrystalline Solar Panel Powered Back Up Battery USB Charger - 4000mAh Battery Capacity

Price: 15.08

Polycrystalline Solar Panel Power Bank with LED Light - 21000mAh Capacity, 2x USB Outputs

Price: 35.22

Portable Solar Power Bank - Up To Four 5W Solar Panels, 8000mAh Lithium Polymer Battery, 4x LED Charge Indicators, LED Torch

Price: 70.43

Binary LED Watch 'Blue Samurai' - Binary Time Display, 12 Blue LEDs

Price: 10.05

7000mAh Solar Power Bank + LED Light 'Solar Charger' - 2x Solar Panels, 4x Connectors

Price: 31.05

UHF Long Range Walkie Talkie Set - 3 to 5 KM Range, Calling Function

Price: 89.96

Robotic RC LED Ball 'Bollo' - For Android and IOS, Bluetooth Controlled, Gaming System

Price: 49.96

Laser Distance Meter - 0.2 to 50 Meter Range, Built-in Spirit Level + 1/4 Inch Tripod Thread, Carry Case, Wrist Strap

Price: 47.23

Laser Distance Measurer - 0.2 to 70 Meter Range, 1/4 Inch Tripod Thread, Spirit Level, Carry Case, Wrist Strap

Price: 53.97

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